Riana Shahid

From Math to Marketing to Software Engineering, I use my analytical skills and eye for design to craft code that makes an impact.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, JQuery, Express, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails


A Trello-like book tracking app. Users can create an account to keep track of books they want to read, are reading, and have read. Once a book is added to the "Read" pile, users can add a rating.
Materialize, React, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JSON Web Token Authentication, Netlify, Heroku
A playlist app where users can add songs and add them to a Favorites list. This has a React frontend and a Ruby on Rails backend.
React, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Netlify, Heroku
Art Unlimited
A React app that allows users to generate a random piece of art or search from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's open source collection.
JavaScript, React, Netlify
Portfolio Draft
An earlier version of this webpage
JavaScript, Ajax, Netlify, and the now-deprecated Google Sheets v3 API
Portfolio (this page)
A more modern redesign that displays projects with greater detail. Serves as a point of contact for potential employers and showcases my skills as a developer.
JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax, Github Pages, Google Sheet as JSON Endpoint

About Me

I'm an NYU graduate with a BA in Mathematics. When I'm not coding, I work across many mediums, from different kinds of paint to yarn to photography. From a young age, I gravitated towards art and expression, whether that’s making my own art or experiencing that of others. Given the ongoing pandemic, I have been working through my yarn stash by knitting socks for myself and my family. I'm an avid learner who's always willing to try out something new!

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